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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another letter to Edward Babinski

[Written on an unusual letter form, with boxes that if checked would allow it to be addressed to Sir, Madam, Your Excellence, Professor, Ms. Steinam (sic), Rev. Falwell, Mr. President or Swine! In the letter to Mr. Babinski, the box next to "Sir" has been checked -- Tom]

July 25, 1988

Enclosed is a free sample -- gratis, for nothing -- of the marvelous newsletter, Trajectories, of which (ahem) I happen to be editor. Many have found it enjoyable and informative. Others say it is prolix, perverse and pedantic. All agree, however, that it is excellent for swapping flies.

Which means that yes, you can have an unpaid subscription to my magazine in exchange for an unpaid subscription to your magazine, in perpetuity, or as long as both of us survive. I'll even give you a free plug in return for your free plug for me.

Incidentally, I'm neither a Theistic Evolutionist not an Atheistic Evolutionist. I'm an agnostic. I like your journal because it provides an illuminating alternative to the boredom of hearing the Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Materialists restate their pet dogmas one more time ... Like G.W. Carver, I just don't feel competent to explain the universe, and feel a peanut is more on the scale I can deal with. But in my abyss of uncertainty I would rather peruse your original views than hear the old views over and over again. At least you provide novelty and stimulation.

What's worse than meeting a pit-bull with AIDS? Meeting the guy who gave the pit bull the AIDS.

Well, I have a lot of work today, so ...

I must be chugging along .... [graphic of a train]

Keep the lasagna flying over Greenville.

Bob W (signed)

Robert Anton Wilson

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