Saturday, January 8, 2011

'What Are the Fnords?' An answer

The area on Quora devoted to Robert Anton Wilson has a series of answers to the question, "What Are the Fnords?"

Vincent Murphy supplies an interesting answer:

I was very lucky to study under RAW or 'Uncle Bob' for the last few years of his life and have pretty much read everything he has ever wrote (barring a few notes he left for the milkman). So here is Fnord I experienced: A national newspaper here in the UK published extracts from the memoirs of the woman who was head of our version of the CIA - reading one entry she said "Towards the end of my tenure I began to believe I was living in some kind of Kafkaesque nightmare."

Now remember: this is a woman who is in charge of our intelligence service, all the spies, spooks, secrets, black ops, the lot are all coming through her. "Kafkaesque" relates to a world in which one feels one has no control and that there are secret unseen forces working in mysterious ways. If a person at the very top of the pyramid thinks they are living in a Kafkaesque nightmare, what chance do the rest of us have? A very real-life fnord.

I'm not clear how this relates to the definition of fnord that I understand, but I thought the post was interesting.