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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Kate Alderton's latest project


Actors Kate Alderton and Greg Donaldson in "Constellations." 

Many of you will know the British actress Kate Alderton, who portrayed Arlen in Daisy Campbell's Cosmic Trigger play and who has been active in the British Discordian scene. Her new project sounds like something RAW would have enjoyed.

Alderton co-stars in a two-person performance of "Constellations," a play that begins Friday at New Venture Theatre in Brighton. A piece at explains, "Originally premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2012, the play explores the complexities of human relationships and the enigmatic world of quantum mechanics. 

"It tells the story of Roland, a beekeeper, and Marianne, a physicist at the University of Sussex.

"After they meet at a barbeque the two become lovers. They marry – or do they? 

"Through a series of vignettes their relationship unfolds across multiple parallel universes – a multiverse - as the play explores the infinite possibilities of love and fate. Each universe offers a different outcome."

More here.  The play is by Nick Payne.

Here's Kate at IMDB, Kate is on X

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