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Friday, September 29, 2023

What a space colony might look like



Given Robert Anton Wilson's enthusiasm for migrating into space,  I thought some of you might be interested in this great video of what the interior of an O'Neill cylinder would look like. 

I spotted this in a posting on X by the video's creator, Bryan Versteeg, who wrote, "The interior of an O'Neill cylinder. 1km in diameter, 10km long. Produced by resources from asteroids. Home to thousands.Structural design as referenced from the 1976 book, The High Frontier, by Gerard K. O'Neill.
Artistic interpretation my own. Music: Seine River by IamDayLight. Licensed from"

When I remarked to Mr. Versteeg that if he posted it to YouTube, I could share it on my blog, he obligingly posted it. See his X account for other cool stuff. 

1 comment:

Stefan said...

Mass Effect vibes, maybe they got the game idea from this project. Wildly exciting to imagine living in one of those.