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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Jesse Walker to write foreword for new RAW book

Author and pundit Jesse Walker (at the Laurie Anderson exhibition at the Hirshhorn museum in Washington, D.C. )(Facebook photo). 

After Monday's post, in which I reproduced a Facebook post by Rasa on the upcoming Hilaritas Press book on Robert Anton Wilson's politics, Jesse Walker revealed some news on X: 

"I guess the cat's out of the bag that this book is in the works and that I'm writing a foreword to it. My comments quoted in the linked post are the short version of what I'll be saying, or of part of what I'll be saying."


quackenbush said...

I really wish we'd stop discussing this book publicly. We're on our second or third RAWIllumination blog about the goddamn thing and it's still so fucking early in the process its not even funny. Meanwhile Chaos and Beyond is in the proofing stage.

My working title was "Authority and Submission" but that got shot down. I'm sure as shit not going with "RAW Politics" but I guess at this stage, that's what we've got.

Rasa said...

I feel ya, Mr. Quackenbush. I have usually been secretive about upcoming Hilaritas Press releases, mostly because I was never sure of what we'd have until we were finished. I think it's just me liking to talk about RAW's politics that got me quoting Jesse this time. I've been told that a little pre-release buzz is not a bad thing for publicity, so lately I've been a little less secretive. I'd be happy to shut up about the upcoming politics book, if you'd prefer – less work for me!

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

It is said that X has 540 million users. Facebook has more than 3 billion users. When something is discussed on X, or on Facebook, by any reasonable definition is it public news, and I am entitled to report it on the RAW news blog.

Similarly, Rasa runs Hilaritas Press. When he chooses to make something public, or gives me explicit on the record comments, I can report it. For example, I knew that a book about RAW's political writings was in the works, but I did not post about it here until I asked Rasa and he gave me something I could quote.

I've tried not to go beyond the known facts. For example, I haven't reported on a name for the "RAW book about politics" because there isn't one yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm of a different mind than Quackenbush. I would like to see another post about this book next week or the week after. As for a title - how about Submission and Authority?

Spookah said...

'Submission and Authority' has a funny kinky BDSM ring to my ears.
On the other hand, in Appendix Teth in Illuminatus!, we find instead Authority and Liberty as the two poles.

"Authority, by dividing men into classes, creates dichotomy, disruption, hostility, fear, disunion. Liberty, by placing men on an equal footing, creates association, amagalmation, union, security."

Anonymous said...

How about RAW on Authority, Submission & Society

Jesse said...

RAW Authority
RAW Submission