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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Robert Anton Wilson mentioned in Harper's magazine

The current issue of Harper's Magazine has a long, interesting article, "The Golden Fleece," by Joe Kloc, about pulp collector Gary Lovisi and his wife, and Kloc's search for an old pulp magazine with a romantic story behind it. It's worth reading.

Kurt Smith tipped me off about the piece because of this passage:

"Gary and his wife, Lucille Cali, live in Gerritsen Beach, a working-class neighborhood in the southeast corner of Brooklyn, just three miles from the open waters of the Atlantic. Their brick row house sits at sea level, not far from the local Knights of Columbus lodge and the childhood home of the neighborhood’s only canonized son: Robert Anton Wilson, a science-fiction author elevated to sainthood by Discordians, or worshippers of Eris, the Greek goddess who sparked the Trojan War."

Kloc's first book is coming out next year, it sounds like it will be a good read. 


Chad N. said...

Late to post on this but god dang this sounds like an awesome book. I knew nothing of this group.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Chad, I asked him on X if he has written about RAW elsewhere; I got no reply.

Chad N. said...

I signed up for news about the book and asked him the same question, haha...