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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Where RAW got married

Photo by Emily KenCairn of Apiary Studio on Unsplash of a sculpture of Buddha in Kōtoku in  temple in Kamakura, Japan. 

As I've mentioned earlier, Chapel Perilous The Life and Thought Crimes of Robert Anton Wilson by Gabriel Kennedy (e.g. Prop Anon) will be out on Nov. 7, published by MIT Press and Strange Attractor. More here You can preorder it. 

Prop has been teasing the book by putting out articles and social media posts and I liked this bit on Twitter, where Prop writes, "This is the Buddhist Church in New York City that Bob and Arlen Wilson were married in."

The church in question is the New York Buddhist Church, which follows the Pure Land tradition of Buddhism. The church is part of the Buddhist Churches of America denomination. 

One of my favorite RAW books. Cosmic Trigger 2, describes the wedding at the end of the book. Pure Land Buddhism is native to Japan and is described in Robert Shea's Shike books. 

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