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Monday, June 26, 2023

'No Self, No Problem' discussion continues

The online discussion at RAW Semantics over the two No Self, No Problem books by Chris Niebauer. continues, even through the original post went up several weeks ago. I read the first book in the series last week (it was a quick read), put up a comment, and Brian replied.

I thought the book was an enjoyable discussion of Buddhism from the standpoint of neuroscience, with a particular focus on the discussion of "no self." As Brian mentions in his post, the book mentions Korzybski and talks about "belief systems." Most of it seemed like conventional neuropsychology, although Rupert Sheldrake pops up later in the book. 

It's also still not too late to post comments at this blog about Robert Shea's All Things Are Lights.  Thanks to Neil Rest and Rarebit Fiend for their comments. Neil provided some of the inspiration for Simon Moon, see my interview of him. 


Brian Dean said...

Thanks again for the mention, Tom. As discussion groups go, mine probably reflects (so far) my personality trait of not being much of a group-joiner! Still, early days - and some interesting comments there. The Prometheus Rising discussion group on, on the other hand, I found particularly good, and a model format to aim for.

Eric Wagner said...

I really enjoyed the Prometheus Rising discussion group. I regret that I don't have time to join any other discussion groups right now.

Spookah said...

Although I did secure a copy of No Self No Problem, I have not started to read it yet. I might jump in later with thoughts over at rawsemantics.

I greatly enjoyed all the reading groups I participated in here or on Apuleius' blog. I hope for more of those in the future.
Have you been considering some books for a potential reading group to come, Tom?