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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Psychedelics news

Robert Anton Wilson's belief that the government should not halt research into the use of psychedelics obviously has held up rather well; I can't link to all of the available articles, such as this one about psilocybin being used to treat depression, there are just too many. But here are a couple of things that surprised me:

The California state Senate  has voted to legalize natural psychedelics in a bill that now moves to the California House, e.g. psilocybin mushrooms yes, LSD no. Peyote also is left out, "in response to concerns raised by advocates and indigenous groups regarding the cacti being over-harvested." It sounds like this bill maybe will be enacted into law. More details  here. 

Also see this Tweet from Graham Hancock: "Volunteers in the extended-state DMT project (DMTx) at Imperial College, London, speak out publicly for the first time about their encounters with seemingly intelligent entities under the influence of DMT..." 

The Tweet has a link to a YouTube video. I don't know what to make of it, but doesn't it sound reminiscent of a certain book? 


michael said...

Highly suggested reading:
-(primer on topic) Steven Johnson:

-DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Strassman

-just about any Terence McKenna book

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks, Michael, appreciate the information.

Spookah said...

Ah, those famous self-transforming machine elves.

When attempting to frame the DMT world in terms of the 8 Circuits, I wonder where it would fall.
It seems that when drank as ayahuasca, the experience mostly fall into the neurogenetic/morphogenetic circuit, with archetypes and 'ancestors'. On the other hand, when DMT is smoked pure, many reports being transported in an altogether different dimension of reality that might fit more easily in the ill-defined C8.