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Friday, March 24, 2023

Nov. 7 publication date announced for RAW biography

Illustration from Prop Anon's email newsletter. The cover of the new book has not been revealed yet. 

The new biography of Robert Anton Wilson has a publication date, and it's this fall.

Chapel Perilous The Life and Thought Crimes of Robert Anton Wilson by Gabriel Kennedy (e.g. Prop Anon) will be out on Nov. 7, MIT Press announced. The 304 page book will have 12 color illustrations and 24 black and white illustrations, and will include a foreword by Grant Morrison and an introduction by Douglas Rushkoff. The cover has not been revealed yet. The book will be published by Strange Attractor/MIT Press. Prop/Gabriel writes, in his email newsletter:

"I am very proud of this book. I think that it will help forward the burgeoning “RAW Studies” scene that has developed since Wilson’s death in 2007. I scoured a litany of special collections archives, conducted a ton of interviews, and took deep dives into the trenches of research libraries, with the help of many independent scholars, while writing this book. During this time, I was also given a grand tour of my own Chapel Perilous while the world also fell into this perilous chapel from which we all have not yet risen. I hope this biography of RAW, a man who faced down the horrors of Chapel Perilous and came out the other side a better person, can help others do the same when confronted by the abyss. Mostly I think Chapel Perilous: The Life and Thought Crimes of Robert Anton Wilson will appeal to those who’ve never heard of RAW before and wanna read a great story about an exciting artist as much as it will satisfy the RAW fanatic who already knows a lot about his philosophy and wants to know more.

"Buy the ticket! Take a trip! Down the murky realms to Chapel Perilous!

"Pre-Order Here!"

Pre orders also are available at Amazon and other book outlets. 


chad said...

Looking forward. I'm sure I'll be lured into a pre-order as soon as I see a cover image. This image itself would make for a great cover!

tony smyth said...

Yeah me too. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry, don‘t want to be too intrusive, but I always have a bad feeling, when you invite people to click on some Amazon links. Do you get Money from them?

I just think, there is no need to get these people even get some more money. I am sure you know some nice independent bookstore in your area (or wherever, since they all could need some support) you could promote.

Just sayin…

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Hi D.M.S.

I don't mind answering questions about that.

I get no money from Amazon for linking to them or mentioning them.

I only included the links to help Prop by encouraging preorders. I did link to Amazon, but the other links in my posting point to preorders from various other bookstores. I like Amazon, but I'm fine with supporting other bookstores. Barnes and Noble for example are the only remaining bookstore on my side of Cleveland, and I try to make sure they get some of my money.