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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

William Burroughs, sneaker pimp

Jesse Walker has a post up at Reason on the Nike commercial that William Burroughs made back in 1994. Walker notes that Thomas Frank attacked the spot at the time, and observes, "Burroughs' fee helped pay his medical bills, which is as good a reason as any to appear in a commercial. When Thomas Frank is 80, he might find himself in a similar situation. I picture him as a pitchman for heartland tourism: 'Looking for a place to spend spring break? Well, what's the matter with Kansas?' "

Perhaps the most interesting bit in Walker's post is the news that he's working on a piece on the new Barry Miles biography and on Burroughs himself. Walker writes, "Quick preview: Burroughs' worldview is more good than bad; it's harder to say that about his life." I'll let you know when the piece is available online.


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The bio by Miles = "Call Me Burroughs" I highly recommend it - very comprehensive look at how he worked and experimented. A lot of surprises.