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Friday, April 25, 2014

A golden apple and some links

You know what they always say: Always back up your apple of discord animations before deleting them. (Perhaps the apple is sweeter because it is evanescent: I thought it was beautiful, so I'm posting it here.) When I expressed sympathy on Twitter, hagbard celine replied, "it was nae bother expected it, was worth the laughter at the fnordage, happened 1 hr before @johnhiggs popped up ..coincidence ?"

Take 15 seconds to look at this. 

Details on the May 23 crowdfunding launch party for the Cosmic Trigger play. 

Adam Gorightly on Week Nine of the Illuminatus! discussion. Thanks, Adam!

Professor suspended for posting photo of his daughter in a Game of Thrones t-shirt. (Via Radley Balko).

William S. Burroughs Eggs recipe.

From the ever-popular Department of You Can't Make This Up: Angry Marxists assert private property rights over the collected works of Marx and Engels. 

UPDATE: I like this picture, too:

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