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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Amazon's 'Science Fiction Book Club'

When I was a teen (and for a few years afterward) I belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club. I still have a few of those books in my library, such as my copy of Robert Silverberg's A Time of Changes.

A few days ago, Amazon changed its Kindle Daily Deal. Every day, along with a deal for one adult book and one book for young people, it is offering a book for romance fans and a book for science fiction and fantasy readers. (Occasionally Amazon apparently will offer more books in its deal, as in Cyber Monday when it offered a big pile of titles. It also  put a bunch of Philip K. Dick books on sale earlier this year and I bought 3-4).

I don't recognize the names of all of the authors in the Daily Deal for SF/Fantasy, but in the past week the names have included the Strugatsky brothers (for the new translation of Roadside Picnic), John Scalzi and Raymond Feist. So the new approach seems like good news for science fiction fans.

RAW was published in his lifetime as a "science fiction writer." If Amazon ever puts any of his books on sale, I will do my best to let everyone know.


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