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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cultural notes

1. My favorite living novelists are Neal Stephenson and Iain M. Banks; there's a brand new novel out in Banks' future space opera series about the Culture. The book is called The Hydrogen Sonata and I finally got the chance to begin it last night. It's a pretty cool planet that has Iain M. Banks living on it.

2. The most acclaimed classical music composer in the U.S., Elliott Carter, has died. He was 103 and had kept composing right up until the end. My favorite classical music blog, Boom's Dungeon, has posted live recordings of Carter's music in his honor (see the comments.)

3. I ran a search for "Robert Anton Wilson" among Kindle ebooks a few days ago, and alas, the supply of RAW electronic books has not increased. But I did notice that RAW collaborator (and Timothy Leary collaborator) L. Wayne Benner's  memoir Seven Shadows is available for Kindle for just $4.

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