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Friday, November 9, 2012

Assorted links and bits

The U.S. held a presidential election, and Nobody won. (From the Kids Prefer Cheese blog, which includes this "about the bloggers" note: "Angus has been called a "libertarian clown," and Mungowitz has been called a "vanity candidate." And those are our FRIENDS.")

Michael Johnson on what a negative TV ad on quantum mechanics would sound like: ""Don't let socialist Old Europe determine the indeterminacy of something as wonderful as quantum mechanics. Reject the Copenhagen on Tuesday and affirm American values by voting for the Everett/Wheeler Graham Model." (Promoted from the comments so you would not miss it. From the posting on Beethoven's "Hammerklavier," of course!)

Mr. Johnson, again, on Ayn Rand's theories on art. (Ayn Rand thought Beethoven was "malevolent" but loved Tchaikovsky.)

Petition asking the Obama Administration to respect the pot votes in Washington and Colorado. (Via Dan Clore, from Robert Anton Wilson Fans on Facebook.)

"Death has been the focal point of my work for over 20 years." From an Oz Fritz post.

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