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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quantum Psychology, the online discussion

I've now posted all of the chapter entries for the online discussion of Quantum Psychology. They're available at the side of the page.

But that doesn't mean the discussion is finished. The book attempts to cover a lot of ground, and I myself plan to read the book again and go through the exercises again, completing exercizes in the chapters where I did not get around to it the first time. (That won't be for awhile though, because now I'm busy with Eric Wagner's Schroedinger's Cat class at Maybe Logic Academy.)

And it's not too late for anyone else to read the book, gain the benefit of the comments that have already been posted, and post your own comments to enrich the discussion.

Again, I want to thank everyone who took the time to post comments and to participate in the discussion.


phodecidus said...

After David J. Brown's Prometheus Rising class at MLA came to an end, several students voiced an interest in continuing the discussion and even going through Quantum Psychology as a group. I pointed them toward your blog and linked to all posts relevant to QP. This occurred a several weeks ago and unfortunately, I haven't seen hide nor tail of 'em.

I had a lot of fun with the QP course (especially in conjunction with David's PR course and Rev. Stang's DIY Cult course) but now I have a lot of meatspace activities clogging up my time arteries and very little time to spend on current MLA courses. I intend to haunt the MLA cyberspace once my meatspace activities have cleared up, and take the time to catch up on the course readings, exercises, etc. That includes some of the QP exercises which I passed over due to constraints on my own time.

Thanks Tom and everyone for participating, keep the lasagna flying.

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