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Thursday, September 13, 2012

RAW on James Joyce and Joseph Campbell

The Only Maybe blog has posted a long interview with Robert Anton Wilson on James Joyce, and also on Joseph Campbell and also on Giovanni Bautista Vico. The posting includes video and a transcript.

A couple of RAW quotes from the interview: "To me it’s not only the greatest novel ever written, it’s the greatest poem ever written, the greatest detective story ever written, and the most entertaining work in all literature, and as William York Tindall of Columbia says, it’s the funniest and dirtiest book in the world.   People are intimidated by it.  If the publishers just had the sense to put on the cover, “the funniest and dirtiest book in the world - Tindall, Columbia”, it would sell a lot better, and people would make the effort to decipher it."

"My style is heavily influenced by Joyce; everything that I do has a Joycean element in it."

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