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Thursday, July 26, 2012

William Burroughs photos at Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds,  the pop culture and lefty blog, has posted a series of photographs of William Burroughs with a variety of other folks.  Some of the pictures surprised me. Kurt Cobain? Hüsker Dü?

I asked for a Robert Anton Wilson picture in the comments, and someone known only to me as "Effy" (no link for more information) obligingly posted a link to the above photograph. (Click on it for a bigger picture.) Thank you, Effy!

Brion Gysin, sitting next to RAW, invented the cut-up technique for rearranging prose. Burroughs popularized it, and then Wilson used it for ILLUMINATUS! and other works. I hope I have that right, this time.

Eric Wagner on RAW and Burroughs is here.


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Here's a link to my post referring to the Nova Convention. The post was inspired by a comment made here:

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