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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oz Fritz on E.J. Gold

I spent a good chunk of my morning today reading Oz Fritz's four part blog entries on "How I Met E.J. Gold." Part one is here, and you can take it from there. E.J. Gold is a jazz musician, the  son of famed "Galaxy" editor H.L. Gold and a spiritual teacher recommended by Robert Anton Wilson. He is the author of American Book of the Dead, which Oz highly recommended in a previous post. I didn't know much about E.J. Gold before reading Oz's piece and found the Wikipedia article useful. Oz always makes very interesting connections between music and spiritual consciousness and he does a good job of presenting some of RAW's best videos.

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Oz Fritz said...

Thanks, Tom. There will be a short addendum to this series which I expect to post later today; something I forgot to include in part IV.