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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alexander Cockburn, RIP

The often iconoclastic and often funny leftist writer Alexander Cockburn has died; Jesse Walker has a good appreciation up at Reason's Hit and Run blog.

I'm guessing that RAW might have enjoyed some of Cockburn's writings, but can't think of a reference to Cockburn in any of RAW's books, except for this passage, from Chaos and Beyond, written by contributor Timothy Leary. In "How to Publish Heresy in Mainstream Publications," a guide to writing satirical letters to the editor under phony names, Leary writes, "If somebody like me -- or Alex Cockburn, or Noam Chomsky or even Gore Vidal -- were to submit a truly dissident essay, no matter how convincing the facts or witheringly brilliant the logic, there is very little chance that it would be published."

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