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Friday, December 30, 2011

An ebook inventory

My main Christmas gift his year was a Kindle Touch, and as I love to read, it has rapidly become my favorite toy.

Getting it naturally opens the question of whether I should buy Kindle editions of RAW's books, as opposed to buying physical copies. A search for "Robert Anton Wilson" in the Kindle store produces 19 results, but only eight actual RAW titles. There's no Cosmic Trigger 1, 2 or 3, no Prometheus Rising, no The Widow's Son ... you get the idea.

This seems like something that ought to be fixed; considering how many people use ebook readers or tablets these days -- many people just got them for Christmas, like I did -- the estate is missing out a big part of the market. Natural Law, out of print for many years, is an obvious candidate for a Kindle Single.   Chaos and Beyond, out of print for years, is well worth reading. (I like it better than TSOG). All of RAW's fiction, and pretty much all of the nonfiction, ought to be reprinted immediately as electronic books.

Speaking of ebooks, there's a sale through Jan. 2 on eight of Philip K. Dick's electronic books. All are available for $4. I asked Ted Hand (@t3dy on Twitter) which of the eight he particularly recommends. He likes them all, but added, "Now Wait for Last Year is an unsung treasure."


gacord said...

Hey there Tom, thought i'd pass this on. I exchanged email with RAW's estate a while back and they said that eBook efforts were underway. cheers.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

That's really good news. I may hold off on purchasing paper copies for a couple of months, then, of the books I need and try to hold out for the Kindle versions.

gacord said...

eh, i'm still more in favor of a good paper book. i may augment my paper library with e-copies at some point. but not yet.