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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Books read, 2011

1. The Terror of Constantinople, Richard Blake.
2. The Cookbook Collector, Allegra Goodman (audiobook).
3. The Last Trumpet Project, Kevin MacArdry.
4. The Widow's Son, Robert Anton Wilson. (Re-read).
5. All Things Are Lights, Robert Shea.
6. Death of a Chimney Sweep, M.C. Beaton (audiobook).
7. Still Life, Louise Penny (audiobook).
8. Live Free Or Die, John Ringo.
9. Darkship Thieves, Sarah A. Hoyt.
10. Nature's God, Robert Anton Wilson. (Re-read).
11. Zendegi, Greg Egan.
12. For the Win, Cory Doctorow (audiobook).
13. The Big Sleep,  Raymond Chandler (audiobook).
14. So Shelly, Ty Roth.
15. The Hidden Reality, Brian Greene.
16. The Book of Murder, Guillermo Martinez (audiobook).
17. TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution, Robert Anton Wilson.
18. Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson.
19. A Fatal Grace, Louise Penny (audiobook).
20. A Drop of the Hard Stuff, Lawrence Block.
21. Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift. (Re-read).
22. When the Music's Over, Lewis Shiner, editor.
23. Cosmic Trigger 1, Robert Anton Wilson. (Re-read).
24. Cowboy Angels, Paul McAuley.
25. City of Falling Angels, John Berendt.
26. How the Hippies Saved Physics, David Kaiser.
27. Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth, Robert Anton Wilson. (Re-read).
28. Broken, Susan Jane Bigelow.
29. A History of Jazz, 2nd edition, Ted Gioia.
30. The Unincorporated Woman, Dani and Eytan Kollin.
31. The Leftovers, Tom Perrotta (audiobook).
32. Revolution World, Katy Stauber.
33. Trail Magic, Carl McDaniel.
34. Cosmic Trigger 3, Robert Anton Wilson. (Re-read).
35. Phantom, Tremblay and Wallace, editors.
36. Death of a Perfect Wife, M.C. Beaton.
37. The Great Stagnation, Tyler Cowen.
38. Citadel, John Ringo.
39. Reamde, Neal Stephenson.
40. Race Against the Machine, Brynjolfsson and McAdee.
41. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (audiobook).
42. Snuff, Terry Pratchett.
43. 11/22/63, Stephen King (audiobook).
44. Reader Player One, Ernest Cline.
45. The Sins of the Fathers, Lawrence Block.
46. State of Wonder, Ann Patchett (audiobook).
47. Shatterday, Harlan Ellison.
48. The Swerve, Stephen Greenblatt (audiobook).