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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A censorship hassle at Google

Following up on Friday's posting: Michael Johnson has put up a new post on his Google Problem, which is apparently causing him more angst than his Noam Chomsky problem. Please speak up and spread the word; Michael is taking on a lot of heavy topics and deserves support for his blog. Needless to say,  we all know where RAW would have been on this.

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michael said...

Update: I lost. On Monday night at 8 I got a bloodless notice saying they'd pulled all Adsense ads.

I still don't know what violated the terms, and I doubt if anyone there actually read my blog.

Since that first notice, I've found there are no end to the AdSense/Google/Blogger nightmare stories.

Still planning on what to do next. I'm glad they didn't just yank the entire blog, although their robo-email implies that they could do that at any time, for any reason. And I strongly assume they will never inform me WHY.

A tad sobering for me, aye.

Tom: Thanks for alerting more folks to this story, which probably applies to a lot of other people, too.