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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two quotes from RAW on getting into outer space

Both of these quotes are from an article published in 1975:

Although it sounds spooky to say it, there is a real neurological link between the space-explorations of the 1960s-70's and the Hedonic revolution also occurring.

Every form of social experimentation is now illegal on Earth; methods of control and surveillance are improving yearly, monthly, even daily. All the long-hairs will be barbered; all the revolutionaries jailed in the Gulag or California archipelago! All the free, wild animals made extinct; all the soft earth covered with concrete; all the swingers led back to Calvinist or Stalinist domesticity. 

Both quotations are from "Anarchism and Magick in the Light of Interstellar Neurogenetics," an essay I'll make available shortly.


BrentQ said...

RAW must be rolling in his grave right now with the current administration's cuts to NASA and manned space exploration.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

have you got a link to this information?

america seems pretty hellbent on not funding anything that creates actual progress. I heard the ratio for military to education funding was somehitng like 20:1.

american goverment only seemed to want to fund it because if the threat of the soviet union. a lot of the fervour we got about space travel, besides people like raw and tim leary, was the inculcating of that mind set in the american people. now that has passed it is all about "cyberspace" and again the fervour is there.