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Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Shea to read, it seems

It appears I have some additional reading to do. After I posted about how much I enjoyed Robert Shea's All Things Are Lights, Eric Wagner posted in the comments that he enjoyed it, but he liked Shike even more. So it seems I ought to try Shike and see what he means.

I have plenty of options for reading Shike. Shea is out of print in the dead trees sense, but his work is available electronically in multiple formats. Shike is available as a Kindle edition for $8 but also has a free HTML on the official Shea site.

I read All Things Are Lights by converting the HTML version into a QiOO mobile file and then toting it around on my cell phone.


dylan said...

I really enjoyed Shike. I have part 2 but have not read it yet and I also bought Shaman but have not started it either. All 3 were very cheap used books on amazon.

Eric Wagner said...

I remember in the mid-80's when a number of Wilson fans of my acquaintance read _Shike_ and started to get a Shea vibe to go along with our Wilson vibe. Shea's deep interest in anarchy and zen help inform his writing.

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