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Friday, February 11, 2011

'Prometheus Rising' makes top 50 for 'Weirdos'

Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Rising, a favorite of many RAW fans, has popped up in the "Top 50 Essential Non-Fiction Books for Weirdoes" a blog posting by Cheryl Botchick that has drawn considerable interest at other Internet sites.

About Prometheus Rising, she writes, "If that book cover isn’t enough to convince you to check this out, what is? Robert Anton Wilson (RAW to his fans and followers) was an icon of brain-altering philosophies, and his writing has lost zero of its power over time. The headline here is that Prometheus Rising is about meta-programming your own mind. The subheads are many. You’ll feel altered."

Her entire list is worth reading. One might wish she were a little less interested in rock music and lefty politics, and a little more interested in everything else, but her list reminded me about several books I want to get around to reading.


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