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Sunday, February 27, 2011

RAW's two right wing parties

Jesse Walker has a fascinating interview with left-libertarian historian Thaddeus Russell in the March 2011 issue of Reason magazine. More on the interview later, but for a moment I want to focus on a quote from the interview, relating it to Robert Anton Wilson's comments that the U.S. has two right wing parties. Wilson also often said that he usually didn't vote.

Russell says, "Particularly during the Obama campaign, I felt like I was on a raft in a vast ocean. I was just the only person I knew in my whole world who felt that Obama was basically a neocon and just terribly reactionary in every single way. There's not one single thing I like about him. He represents every negative strain in American history I write about."

Yesterday, I posted about how Obama's Justice Department is prosecuting a retired college professor for advocating jury nullification. Here's an article about the Obama administration spying on a New York Times reporter.

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