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Friday, December 10, 2010

We add links

Via his comment to my Jack Parsons posting, I followed Oz Fritz back to his blog, and so I have duly added his blog to my links collection. I believe sombunall of the folks who read this blog will find his blog interesting, for reasons that will be obvious if you follow the link.

While I don't want this blog to be particularly political, Robert Anton Wilson always spoke up for peace and for liberty, while trying very hard to avoid being sectarian. That's kind of where I'm at these days, so I have added links to another peace site, Tom Hayden's Peace Exchange Bulletin site, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. (I recommended the Hayden site and my other peace link,, when I wrote this Op Ed peace piece.)

I'll note that all three of the political sites I link to have stood up to defend Wikileaks, as I suspect Robert Anton Wilson would have done. For more on the EFF link, see this.


Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you, Tom, much appreciated! And thanks for all the great work and RAW insight with this blog.

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