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Monday, August 23, 2010

Passage from SCHROEDINGER's CAT II: The Trick Top Hat

I've been re-reading the "Cat" books a bit out of order, so that when I finish No 2, I'll be done. One passage I particularly liked:

"Chaney had studied Textual Analysis of Modern Poetry with Professor Edward Estlin "Sheets" Kelly at Antioch College. He had paid close attention, because poets were all by definition deviates in domesticated primate society. Chaney always tried to learn something from homosexuals, geniuses, cripples, science-fiction writers, schizophrenics and others who were outside the hive caste system and had learned to cope in unconventional ways. Poets were the monstro-deviates of the deviate world, and he was sure he could learn something from them, if he studied hard enough." (From the chapter " 'Sheets' Kelly: Art as Insurrection" in Part One).

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michael said...

I wonder who came up with the "Sheets Kelly" idea first? At least RAW works in ee cummings with the other two Romantics...Aye, just thinking of Ezra Pound alone and learning from deviates from hive reality!