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Thursday, August 5, 2010

More on the Wilson document trove at The Realist

In an earlier post, I reposted information from tireless Wilson scholar 'bandito' about articles by Robert Anton Wilson published in The Realist that have come to light. 'bandito' is Mike Gathers, who worked with Michael Johnson to track down many of the pieces archived at Robert Anton Wilson Fans.

Gathers has put up a new posting on, seeking to clarify the distinction between the newly-discovered articles and articles from The Realist already made available at Robert Anton Wilson fans. He notes that indexing of The Realist should be completed in a few months, allowing a complete picture of RAW material available there.

Here's the text of the latest bandito communique:

When Tom Jackson reposted this to his blog, I realized that my post
was a bit confusing. To add to the confusion, let me say that the
links below have not been added to

However, the following have been posted at for some

From Paul Krassner’s The Realist
“Man Becomes What He Hates” No 6, February 1959
"The Semantics of God" No. 8, May 1959
letters to the editor regarding "Semantics of God" No. 9, June/July
"negative thinking - Detergent Democracy” No. 10, August 1959
"negative thinking - a column of miscellaneous heresies” No. 11,
September 1959
"negative thinking - Sex Education for the Modern Liberal Adult" No
12, Oct 1959, reprinted in The Best of The Realist
"negative thinking - The Morality of Head-Hunting" No 14, Dec 1959/
"negative thinking" No 15, Feb 1960
"negative thinking - The Doctor with the Frightened Eyes" No. 16,
March 1960, reprinted in Coincidance
"negative thinking - Letter to a Lady in Iowa" No. 17, May 1960
"negative thinking - Semantics of the Soul" No. 18, June 1960
"negative thinking - Is Capitalism a Revealed Religion?” No. 27,
June 1961
"negative thinking - What I Didn't Learn at College" No. 29, September
"negative thinking - (Hugh Hefner)" No. 41, July 1963
"Timothy Leary's Psychedelic H-Bomb" No. 52, August 1964
"negative thinking - The Anatomy of Schlock" 1965? reprinted in The
Best of The Realist
“Thirteen Choruses for the Divine Marquis” No. 67, May 1966,
reprinted in Coincidance
"The Cybernetic Revolution" No. 72, December 1966
"The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley" Nos. 91-B, C, 92-A, B; 1971-72
“The Future is Coming!” No. 111, Winter 1990, reprinted in part in
Cosmic Trigger 2
"Out of the Innsmouth Triangle" No. 120, Summer 1992

the realist archive project completes in a few months and we'll have
the full picture.

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