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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wilson's "Cat" editor

The other day, as I was reading THE UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR, it dawned on me that the editor for the book could well have been David Hartwell. I checked the Wikipedia article and it seemed to line up.

This is a little bit like discovering that your favorite semi-obscure 1920s writer was edited by Maxwell Perkins. Writing about Hartwell's achievements would fill a long book, but here are a few bullet points: He is arguably the most important science fiction book editor alive, he was Robert Heinlein's last editor, he is Gene Wolfe's editor, he wrote AGE OF WONDER, he has for many years published "The New York Review of Science Fiction." Etc. etc. Hartwell also was the editor who "discovered" Dani and Eytan Kollin and published THE UNINCORPORATED MAN, which just won the Prometheus award.

I wrote to Hartwell and got confirmation. "I published several books at Pocket, including the Cat trilogy. and did meet Wilson in those days (he was associated with Phil Dick for a while)," Hartwell writes.

More on Wilson and his editors as information becomes available.

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