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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Wilson material uncovered

Robert Anton Wilson published many articles in "The Realist " before becoming a full time freelance writer, as I (and my learned commenters) discussed here.

'bandito' has now published a more complete list of links to articles from that magazine, in a posting at, and says many of the links have not been posted before. Apparently the list eventually will be reproduced at, but I also will post them here.

Here's is bandito's posting:

I have been fairly diligent at tracking The Realist Archive and
posting links to Wilsonian articles as they come out. Due to me
being busy with other things, and having handed over the hosting of
the site to Matheny's gPod/Alterati/Hukilau consortium, I have been
lax in updating the website with these links.

However, after some brief correspondence with the owner/creator of the
Realist Archive I realize I have missed many new articles. Anyhow,
here is the complete list of links not yet updated to rawilsonfans.
Many of the triple digit issues are articles that have not been posted
here before as I just discovered their existence today.

# (Ellis interview by Krassner and


quackenbush said...

Just to clarify, the post above lists the Realist articles by Wilson not already linked in on the RAWFans site. You can find another 20 or so indexed near the top of this page:

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