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Saturday, July 3, 2010

If you love Wilson, check him out

Here is a way to support Robert Anton Wilson's writings, even if you have no money and little time: Check his books out of the public libraries you patronize.

All libraries have a limited amount of space, and even the most poorly-funded ones add new materials this year. This means that every library has a weeding process to get rid of books on the shelf. It might have a policy, for instance, to get rid of every book that hasn't been checked out in the last 18 months. When you check out a book by RAW, you are increasing the chance it will remain on the shelf to be discovered by other readers.


michael said...

RAW is one author whose books seem to go "missing" at your local public library at much higher rate than most other authors.

I have worked with many librarians, and I often asked the question: Are there certain types of books that are missing or lost or stolen more than others?

The cumulative answer: Yep: books on sex, the occult, UFOs, drugs, books about pop stars like Madonna or Elvis, and conspiracy theories.

So yea: if your online public library catalog shows that the Robert Anton Wilson book you wanna read is "in library" or "on shelf," don't count your chickens: wait till you are actually holding the book.

Also: notice how different libraries catalog RAW's books in different places. Some obviously don't know what to do with Cosmic Trigger Vol 1, so they put it in Dewey # 133, which is thought of as "occult." Well yea, but what about 149? Under biographies, Wilson? Etc.

Eric Wagner said...

I keep waiting for the Library of Dreams to get in my copy of _The World Turned Upside Down_. I've had it on reserve for weeks.