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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A book about RAW

There are many ways to learn more about Robert Anton Wilson once you become interested in his work, but here is one: There's actually a book about him, written by someone who knows him well.

AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO ROBERT ANTON WILSON by Eric Wagner, was put out in 2004 by New Falcon Publications, the small press publishing house which continues to do a good job of keeping much of Wilson's work in print. Wagner's book is still in print; my son gave me a copy for Father's Day. Thank you, Richard.

The back cover says that Wagner "has traveled from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, to Aswan, Egypt, from Country Kerry, Ireland, to Honolulu, Hawaii, attempting to understand the ideas behind Wilson's works." This is impressive, but it is also relevant to point out that Wagner corresponded with Wilson for many years and spoke to him many times.