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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Small press distributor crash won't hurt Hilaritas

The latest release from Hilaritas

A New York Times story, "Hundreds of Small Presses Just Lost Their Distributor. Now What?," says that many small presses are being hurt by a company named Small Press Distribution suddenly going out of business. The news leaves "the presses scrambling to retrieve their inventory before the books were destroyed and wondering if they’d ever be paid the money S.P.D. owed them for past sales," the article says.

As a book  lover I liked small presses in general, but the news left me wondering how the demise of S.P.D. would affect one small press in particular, Hilaritas Press. So I asked Rasa, and he assured me Hilaritas is fine.

"Well, that’s not good news, but it does not affect us at all. We use Ingram, a powerhouse in the industry, and we also publish most of our books with Amazon as well. Ingram supplies all the ebook sellers but Kindle, and they supply brick and mortar stores around the world. We also publish through Amazon just because we get about twice as much in royalties from sales on when the book is published through KDP.

"Recently, Ingram decided to not charge any fees for uploading files. That’s pretty wonderful for us. We are counting every penny, and if we had typos to correct, we always had to pay $25 to upload any new file. That would be $50 to upload the print and ebook corrections. They also used to charge for the initial upload of any file, so now that they got rid of those fees, we feel a lot better about that one expense being gone."

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