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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

UbuWeb has become an archive

One of my favorite Internet sites, UbuWeb, is no longer updating its online collection of avant garde art but apparently will persist as an archive. 

When I checked the site recently, it was dated 1996-2024, and it said, "As of 2024, UbuWeb is no longer active. The archive is preserved for perpetuity, in its entirety." There's not much else explaining what happened, but the About section has a good one-sentence explanation of what it's about: "Founded in 1996, UbuWeb is a pirate shadow library consisting of hundreds of thousands of freely downloadable avant-garde artifacts."

There isn't a lot of Robert Anton Wilson material on the site, although it does have this interview and this panel discussion from a convention devoted to the work of William Burroughs. If RAW fans look hard enough, they will likely find items that interest them, such as this collection of old recordings made by Aleister Crowley. 

My favorite part of Ubuweb are two collections of contemporary classical music, The Avant-Garde Project and the Wolf Fifth Archive. Much of those two collections are out of print LPs. The UbuWeb version of AGP is not complete, but try this.

I always meant to offer some live recordings of music to the site, too late now. 

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