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Monday, February 12, 2024

Jesse Walker on music conspiracy theories


Singer Taylor Swift. Even if you don't follow pop music closely, perhaps you have heard of her. Creative Commons photo by Ronald Woan, details here. 

As I noted recently, the recent death of MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer was a reminder of the amusing conspiracy theories about music that are a feature of Illuminatus!, including the claim that the popularity of the Beatles was a Communist plot. 

Jesse Walker, no stranger to conspiracy theories or to pop music, has a new piece out, "Taylor Swift Is Just the Latest Subject in a Long History of Pop Conspiracy Theories." I don't want to spoil Jesse's best lines by quoting from it, just read it.  Illuminatus! fans may particularly enjoy it. 

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Eric Wagner said...

Also, who really did put the bop in the bop shu bop shu bop? The Illuminati?