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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

'The Walls Came Tumbling Down' is a nice treat for RAW fans

Still getting caught up on my reading after being busy with the Prometheus Award (see yesterday's post), I finally finished the new Hilaritas Press edition of The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Robert Anton Wilson's unproduced screenplay about the Chapel Perilous experience of a college professor. 

It's not a very long book -- I read the bulk of it in the course of one evening -- but while I have no opinion on how well the screenplay would  have worked as a film, I thought it was a good, concentrated dose of RAW, and I enjoyed it. Walls was one of the few RAW books I had not read before. 

The book also includes an interesting introduction by RAW, and RAW also has a piece that explains the directions in a screenplay so that his own script would be easier to read for people not familiar with the film business.

The Hilaritas edition also features an insightful Foreword by Gregory Arnott which points out aspects of the screenplay I had not noticed on my own. There's also a really good afterword by Bobby Campbell, an anecdote about meeting RAW, and a reprint of Alan Moore's moving eulogy for RAW. 

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Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks for reading, Tom!

For the longest time my life has felt like a Robert Anton Wilson book, and now a part of my life is literally in a Robert Anton Wilson book :)))