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Friday, April 14, 2023

Antero Alli releases new book

Antero Alli has been releasing new work since his serious illness was announced, and now he has released what may be his last book, Sacred Rites, available from Original Falcon Press. (Note that Amazon has dropped Mobi file support for send to Kindle and that sending an Epub file now works fine for that option).

Here is the publisher description:

"Sacred Rites documents the author’s personal experiences with the transformative ritual medium of Paratheatre that he has developed since 1977. Through his private ritual journals written over eleven years (2000–2011), Alli bypasses historical definitions of ritual beyond the costumed spectacles of the robes and wands of Western occult ceremonial magick, the archaic history of pagan nature rites, and the somber pomp of the Catholic High Mass with its wafers, cheap wine, and sermons chanted in the dead language of Latin. His Production Notes explain how his ritual labs transformed into public performances, and inspired the creation of his underground films. Also featured are Ritual Journal Entries of a dozen individuals who trained with Antero, plus an outline for the facilitating Introductory Workshops."

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