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Monday, April 17, 2023

Section of San Francisco street named for Emperor Norton

Joshua Norton, emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico. 

Emperor Joshua Norton, mentioned of course quite a few times in the Illuminatus!, has been honored by having a section of street in San Francisco named after him. A posting at the Boing Boing website explains:

"In a delightful update from San Francisco, Emperor Norton I, the charming 19th-century eccentric, is being honored with a street named after him in Chinatown. The 600 block of Commercial Street, located between Montgomery and Kearny Streets, is now officially known as "Emperor Norton Place." Interestingly, Norton actually lived on this very block in a building called the Eureka Lodgings from around 1864-1865 until his death in 1880."

More at the link. The author of the Boing Boing piece is Rusty Blazenhoff, a byline I don't recognize, but apparently Rusty is a regular contributor. Good for Rusty for spotting this. 

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