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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Timothy Leary comic book posted online

All sorts of events happened online Thursday during the centennial of Timothy Leary's birth and I mentioned some of them here, including of course the publication of The Starseed Signals, but there was one more opportunity which I thought I should mention.

Rene Walter posted an entire Timothy Leary comic book online, Neurocomics. After I read the posting at iO9, I went to the flickr site where the comic is posted.  An ad popped up in the way when I tried to read the comic online, but fortunately the whole thing can be downloaded and saved, and that's what I did before safely storing it and then reading the whole thing Friday night. It's all about the Eight Circuit model, space migration, etc., so it's topical to the release of Starseed. Art by Pete Von Sholly, script by Leary, Von Sholly and George DiCaprio (Leonardo's dad, apparently.)

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