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Friday, March 13, 2020

The next reading groups

Many activities are being canceled because of COVID-19, but I guess we can still have discussions over the Internet!

As Gregory wrote in his final Widow's Son blog post, he will finish off Historical Illuminatus by leading a discussion of Nature's God, beginning with a discussion of Eric Wagner's introduction on Walpurgisnacht, which if I understand correctly is April 30. I hope that gives everyone time to hunt up a copy of Nature's God. 

Everyone seems to be on board with following that up with a Prometheus Rising discussion, which likely will be led by more than one person, one of them Gregory; details on that after I figure it out. 


Eric Wagner said...

I would like to volunteer to help facilitate the PR group. I like the idea of five or six facilitators. I would like to spend 23 months on the book: Five months on chapter one and the prefatory material and then a month on each of the other chapters. I think the book and its exercises deserves that kind of scrutiny.

Eric Wagner said...

Some northern European pagan civilizations based their calendars on cattle migrations. They would migrate south on November 1 when it started to get cold and return north on May 1 with the warmer weather, hence the expression "when the cows come home". They believed the doors to the next world would open on the nights before these migration days. This led to Halloween and Walpurgisnacht (April 30). Walpurgisnacht plays an important role in "Illuminatus!"

Eric Wagner said...

The film "The Devil's Bride" centers on Walpurgisnacht and has a villain patterned on Aleister Crowley. One Turner cable network repeatedly played that film on Walpurgisnacht in the late 80's.

Unknown said...

So psyched for a Prometheus reading group!