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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Listening to Starseed

Starseed performing at Tara's Refuge, Mt Shasta, California

Renaissance man Richard Rasa is in charge of Hilaritas Press, is a web designer and knows a lot about computers, but he also plays sitar in a band called Starseed.  I have always liked the sound of the sitar, and the chance to explore Starseed's music (and figure out which albums I want to add to my permanent collection) was one of the reasons I decided to take advantage of Spotify's current sale for people who aren't subscribers, three months of downloadable and ad-free music for $10. (The sale ends when 2016 ends, so if  you want to take advantage of it, you'd best hurry).

About Starseed, Robert Anton Wilson said, "Intricate  yet melodic as Bach, austere as a Zen shrine, sensory as a massage." I celebrated my new subscription by listening to the Live in Mount Shasta album.

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Rasa said...

Actually, Bob gave us two versions of his quote and said to use either one as we wished. I like the longer version . . .

"This music - intricate yet melodic as Bach,
austere as a Zen shrine, sensory as a massage
- seems like aural eroticism to me."

- Robert Anton Wilson on Starseed music