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Friday, July 12, 2013

Need more conspiracy theories?

Via a posting on our friend Steve  Pratt's Tsogblogshere, I watched part of a  video entitled "Independence Day 2013, nothing left to lose in USA Inc." The guy in the video turned out to be a fellow named Ted Torbich, who hosts a show called "The Stench of Truth" on the Inception Radio Network that is largely devoted to interviewing various folks about conspiracy theories. ("Ted Torbich of the Stench of Truth Radio Show covers the paranormal , UFO’s, government coverups, secret history of the illuminati, MKUltra, mind control, aliens, dimensions, occult, para-politics, and more. Live Friday Nights 7:00 pm Eastern, 4:00pm Pacific.") I agreed with some of what Torbich had to say, but he seemed a little angry.

Mr. Torbich's show is part of the Inception Radio Network. ("IRN strives to deliver the most riveting live entertainment in UFOlogy, Paranormal, Cryptids, and Conspiracy.")

You can listen online to the various shows, and the Inception Radio Network allows people who have registered at the website to download or stream past episodes of Torbich's show. I asked him which episodes would be appropriate for Robert Anton Wilson fans. "Any of my shows with Adam Gorightly will likely appeal," he said. I've downloaded one of the Gorightly shows and will listen to it during my commute to work next week.

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