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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aleister X's RAW influence

Dangerous Minds runs an interview with Aleister X, a British rap artist based in Los Angeles. Excerpt:

DM: Robert Anton Wilson is one of the major influences for practically everyone at Dangerous Minds, and I see that you are also a fan of Discordianism. What is it about this “ideology” (term used loosely) that you like?

AX: RAW is a major influence on me as well.  I love the blurry lines between fact and fiction.  The mysterious secret origins of the original manuscripts surrounding The Principia Discordia is the most powerful thing about it.  A lot of shit started with that.
However, the timeline for shit starting looks like this: Lovecraft - Cubism – Surrealism – Crowley – Himmler – Hoffman - Welles – Discordia – Illuminatus!  Of course this is a Western–centric timeline, but that’s where the Mis/Disinformation Arts were perfected.  Discordianism “liked” me first!  

Hat tip, Dan Clore on Facebook.

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