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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A nice moment for libertarians

I have lately felt like the characters in Schroedinger's Cat, bouncing from one universe to another.

I'd grown accustomed to my old universe, the one where libertarians never seem to win on any issue and never have any impact on the national conversation. My first sign that I had left that old universe occurred in November, when to my surprise, marijuana legalization actually passed in two states.

I'm apparently still in that alternate universe, because last night,  a Republican senator held the Senate up for many hours, filibustering on behalf of peace and civil liberties. Judging from my Twitter stream, libertarians and anarchists from across the libertarian political spectrum were delighted.

I'm going to miss this universe when I return to the old one. And I wish I could know what RAW would think of all this.

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