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Saturday, February 11, 2012

RAW on consciousness after death

Rob Pugh, a " zen taoist anarchist transcendentalist existentialist agnostic libertarian conspiracy theorist yogi kung fu superhero," at his Relaxed Focus blog reads a Mavericks of the Mind interview with Robert Anton Wilson and shares this:

"DJB: What do you think happens to consciousness after physical death?

 ROBERT: Somebody asked a Zen master, “What happens after death?” He replied, “I don’t know.” And the querent said, “But you’re a Zen master!” He said, “Yes, but I’m not a dead Zen master.” Somebody asked Master Eckart, the great German mystic, “Where do you think you’il go after death?” He said, “I don’t plan to go anywhere.” Those are the best answers I’ve heard so far. My hunch is that consciousness is a non-local function of the universe as a whole, and our brains are only local transceivers. As a matter of fact, it’s a very strong hunch, but I’m not going to dogmatize about it

DJB: Could you share with us any experiences you might have had communicating with what you thought to be extraterrestrial or non-human entities?

ROBERT: I’ve had a lot of experiences with what could be interpreted as extraterrestrial communications. They could also be interpreted as ESP, or as accessing parts of my brain that are normally not available, or as contacting a non-local consciousness that permeates everything. There are a lot of different models for this type of experience. I got fascinated by the extraterrestrial model at one stage in the early seventies, and still, every now and then, it makes more sense to me than any of the others. Other times the non-local model makes more sense, which is a development of Bell’s Theorem. This was stated most clearly by Edwin Harris Walker in a paper called The Complete Quantum Anthropologist. He developed a mathematical theory of a non-local mind, to which we can gain access at times. It’s a complete quantum mechanical, mathematical model to explain everything that happens in mystical and occult experience. That makes a great deal of sense to me, especially when I found that Joyce was using the same model in Finnegans Wake. I think it also underlies the I Ching. I explain this at length in my book Coincidance.


Rob Pugh said...

Hey, that's me! Name checked at what's easily the coolest RAW archive blog on the interwebs. Thanks! And keep the lasagna flying!

Anonymous said...

cool. but does your job title fit on one line on your business card? %^}