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Monday, November 7, 2011

Stewart Brand recommendations

I thought some of you might be interested in this New York Times piece on what Stewart Brand, publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog, is reading, listening to, following on the Internet, etc.


Eric Wagner said...

Thanks for the link. I used to subscribe to Stewart's Co-Evolution Quarterly and Whole Earth Review for years. I paid special attention to any review marked "SB".

I remember his review of Ezra Pound's ABC of Reading: "In high school I learned to hate literature. In college I learned to read it in French. Ezra Pound, where were you when I needed you?"

michael said...

I also found Brand's current interests interesting. Man! I need to get out more. Why hadn't I ever heard of Sexy Geeks before?

@Royal: Brand was asking rhetorically, no doubt. But the answer was most probably, in St. Elizabeth's.

I just took a class with a guy who graduated from Berkeley w/a BA in English, and he said Pound seemed verboten in the English Dept there.

Eric Wagner said...

I remember in 2001 taking a graduate seminar on critical approaches to literature at Cal State San Bernadino. The teacher said over and over again that one can look at works in more than one way. Once I brought up Pound's criticism and the teacher said, "The only reason to read Pound's criticism is to understand his poetry." I tried to continue, but the prof repeated "The only reason to read Pound's criticism is to understand his poetry."

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