Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Philip K. Dick book

If you are a Philip K. Dick fan, you may have noticed the new book, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, a new collection of unpublished writing.

Ted Hand has a blog post on the "Top Ten things I've been looking forward to Discovering in the Exegesis."

I am linking to the post not just because RAW and PKD liked each other's writings, and their fans tend to like both authors, but because some of Dick's specific interests were RAW's  interests. For example, Hand writes that he wants to know more about what Dick's interest in Giordano Bruno. "I suspect that Dick got a large chunk of his idea of Bruno and the "Hermetic Alchemists" from Frances Yates," Hand writes, referring to a historian often cited by Robert Anton Wilson.

According to Hand, Dick also were interested in Kabbalah and weird physics, two big interests of RAW.


Eric Wagner said...

I suspect Bob would have dug this big book (976 pages). I don't know when I will try to tackle it. I also noticed that the new book The Art of Memetics speaks highly of Bob. (I haven't read that book, I just noticed the RAW references.)

Mr. Hand said...

thanks for linking my blog. here is a post with the relevant excerpts from PKD on Alchemy+Bruno
(including a new excerpt from the Exegesis)

Anonymous said...


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