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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tracking down the 'Serpent'

In the "Starseed" chapter of Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati, Robert Anton Wilson mentions an article on "Tantric Yoga" that he published in September 1973 in Chicago Seed, an underground newspaper. A footnote explains that the piece is available at Northwestern University's collection of underground newspapers.

When I read that, I wondered if, in the age of the Internet, I could read the piece without having to travel to Chicago.

So I emailed Susan Lewis, a library assistant in the university's Special Collections section, and asked if it would be possible to obtain a PDF.

I got an answer back that the article ran in two issues of Chicago Seed, and for $25, the four pages could be scanned and made available to me.

So I bought them, and I'm making them available to the rest of you. The files (very large TIFF files) are here. I thought it was a good article; what do you think?


Thom Foolery said...

Thanks indeed. Your generosity is appreciated!

Bobby Campbell said...

Seriously excellent & much appreciated work!

I converted it to a more manageable .PDF format if anyone is interested.

BrentQ said...

I can't wait to read these when I get home.

Thanks so much Tom!

Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you Tom and Bobby for this classic RAW that I haven't seeing before.

Like many brilliant Hierophants before him, RAW's writing serves as a catalyst to instigate a process, leaving loose threads open for his readers to take up and continue if they will.

For instance, exercise #1 can get expanded upon in an almost infinite variety of ways. Fully realizing one aim of that exercise seems akin to making a D-Day invasion on a foreign shore. Different strategies and methods can get applied over a lengthy period of time, and not without some difficulty.

This piece must hold the record for most amount of Crowley quotes in one RAW article. I'm surprised that he didn't quote something from "Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente" - "The Book of the Heart Girt with the Serpent", one of Crowley's Holy Books. It could very well have not been in print and available to him at that time or possibly he found it too poetic to suit his purpose. Reading that book would combine well with exercise #1.